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Online Courses

The courses are developed in Canvas (LMS). I collaborate with faculty to determine the structure and organization of the course and determine the theme and design. Then I design the website, test the usability, and build the course in the Canvas. 

Role in the project: Instructional designer


The faculty wanted to use characterization to foster engagement and motivation. With the purpose of the character, I determined and created an Instructional Technology (IT) Hero and applied it throughout the course. 

The IT Hero was used to introduce the course, and provide a learning map and achievement markers. It was also used in lectures to allow students to interact with the content.

Sample Course 1 -
Current Trends in Instructional Technology

Role in the project: Instructional designer

This is an introductory course for college of art. It included a large amount resources and course content. The faculty required a high quality visual design to represent the course topic and logical structure to organize the content. 


With this goal, I worked with the faculty to determine the theme and design, and organized the course in a logical and consistent way. 

Sample Course 2 -
Art and Culture
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